Steam Deck Most Common Hardware Problems

2022-04-03 | #backlight #bleed #button #defect #drift #glow #hardware #ips #issue #joystick #problem #stuck #unresponsive

Disclaimer: this article is for informative purposes only. I am not responsible for anything happening to you, your Steam Deck or anything and anyone else. Do NOT try to open your Steam Deck and repair it on your own, instead get in contact with Valve or a proper repair shop. Mishandling electronics can lead to electrical shock, dangerous lithium fires and in extreme cases even death. Inevitably, all hardware products can have defects.

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Allow Flatpaks to Access Your SD Card With Flatseal

2022-03-31 | #app #flatpak #sandbox #tutorial

Flatpak is the main way to install apps on your Steam Deck. It’s an awesome system and there are tons of apps for you to install! The problem is that Flatpak sandboxes your apps, using a fine-grained permission system, similar but much more advanced than what you might see on your smartphone OS. Because of this, Flatpak apps might not have access to some resources on your Steam Deck. The most obvious example is an emulator like RetroArch or a game launcher like Heroic not being able to access your SD card.

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RPCS3: PS3 Games on Your Deck

2022-03-19 | #app #emulator #flatpak #playstation #ps3 #rpcs3 #sony #tutorial

Continuing the trend of emulator tutorials, today we’ll look at RPCS3, an emulator for the PlayStation 3. Let’s get started with the installation. Install RPCS3 Installing RPCS3 is really easy by using Flatpak. Go to desktop mode, open up the Discover app center, search for RPCS3 and install it. Alternatively, you can run this command in the terminal: flatpak install net.rpcs3.RPCS3 Configuring RPCS3 Opening up RPCS3, we’ll be greeted by this window:

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ProtonDB: What Games Can You Actually Run on the Steam Deck?

2022-03-15 | #anticheat #compatibility #proton #protondb

As we all know the Steam Deck runs Linux, which is amazing! But at the same time most games out there are only made to work on Windows. This problem has largely been addressed thanks to Proton. Wonder what Proton is? Read the beginning of this article I made about Proton GE to learn more. Although Proton is great, and probably one of the biggest advancements in Linux gaming, it’s not perfect.

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Run Native Games With Luxtorpeda

2022-03-10 | #engine #luxtorpeda #native #protonup #tutorial

There are many games out there, especially older ones, that are using game engines that have been either reimplemented from scratch by the community using modern technologies, or straight up available natively for Linux. Some notable mentions you might have heard of include GZDoom, OpenMW, ScummVM and eduke32. These “alternative engines” are capable of bringing ancient relics into the current era and improving compatibility or performance for games that you would otherwise only be able to run through Proton; plus this usually comes with engine bug fixes and sometimes even extra features like proper widescreen patches and broader modding support.

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How to Setup Proton GE

2022-03-10 | #flatpak #proton #protonup #wine

Proton is the secret sauce that makes the Steam Deck so great. Proton is a distribution of Wine, Wine is a recursive acronym that stands for Wine is not an emulator. It’s a compatibility layer that implements the Windows API to work on a Linux system. To put it simply, Wine — and consequently Proton — lets you run Windows only games on a Linux PC, and this includes the Steam Deck!

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Deck Central Launch


The Steam Deck is undoubtedly one of the greatest revolutions in the gaming space in the last 20 years or more. One of the biggest difference from mainstream PCs and existing consoles is that the Steam Deck ships with Linux, opening up the door for infinite potential for this small but powerful device. I decided to create this website, Deck Central, to share tips, tricks, tutorials, guides and any other knowledge that Deck users will find useful, not just for gaming, but also to make the best use of what is, in fact, a fully featured computer in console’s clothing.

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